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I have written a number of novels that are in various states of completion and publication.

As I write there are some themes that seem to be appearing in my work:

  • Keep the story moving, let the writing flow and edit down later.

  • People in the books should be real, perfection in a hero is just annoying.

  • Violence and sex have their place, add them for excitement but don't overdo it.

  • Emotion and tragedy are all well and good but my books are supposed to be fun to read, don’t dwell.

This appears to be my native style and, I think, results in some good books. There are some technology references, some rants about things that annoy me, the politics are liberal but not rammed down you and there is no swearing or blasphemy.

I am a man, but I hope they are readable by women too, my wife and mum enjoy them, removing anything too techy or boring as they edit them.

Why not read one, I am trying to keep them well priced and available to everyone I can reach. I want people to read them rather than make money. I don’t really expect to make any real money anyway (O;

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