Darker Waters

Software Solutions

Darker Waters is a small Bristol-based consultancy firm, specialising in the rapid creation of cross-platform mobile software for anyone seeking digital solutions. Our founder and CEO, Douglas, has been a specialist in the software industry for more than 25 years and, along with his partners, creates custom software without the fuss and wastage commonly associated with bespoke software solutions.

Using our in-house library, we can build upon known solid foundations to get you to a running operation in double-quick time. What's more, we offer these building blocks as source code you own and can build upon and develop in the future, with or without Darker Waters as your partner.

We believe that everyone should be able to leverage the power and simplicity of modern cross-platform software without the burden and complexity normally associated when commisioning bespoke software solutions. For every client we take on, we do our best to take them on a journey of understanding; helping them help us provide exactly what they need. We stand by our expertise and approachability. Partnering with Darker Waters has been a very positive learning experience for several clients now and we continue to grow and provide solid solutions for the tech community in Bristol and beyond.

In-house solutions

Darker Waters has a series of in-house packages of software written in Dart, Flutter and TypeScript. Using the Google Firebase backend we use this system to develop our mobile apps and to demonstrate our capabilities. As well as a demonstration of the kind of work we can do in very short order, we also offer the codebase as a starting point for your software journey should you require that.

Spoke and Flow

A social-media app for Mountain Bikers. It allows riders to find and ride official trails near them, live-sharing their location with friends, securely and privately.

Available for iOS and Android. Also, a specific Ride Bristol app is currently being trialled.

Map My Match

Using a Flic 2 Smartbutton or Garmin or WearOS watch, tracks and announces your racket sport score live on your phone from your connected wearable.

Available for iOS and Android

Our framework uses the Flutter Framework alongside Google Cloud and Firebase solutions to provide you with a secure and scaleable back-end that's low-cost and future-proof.

Companies worked with

Labrys Technologies

Darker Waters were instrumental in the creation of the first software offerings of Labrys Tech and they have used these beginnings to go from strength to strength. Gathering intelligence securely and reliably in some challenging environments.


Darker Waters were the first contact technical support during the foundation and creation of Adarga and were instrumental in securing their first-round funding. They remain a prominent AI intelligence analysis offering who have gone on to very big things.

Positive Plus One

Darker Waters helped the team at PP1 complete their first app offerings and get them to the stores on time for their launch in early 2024. They are seeking to grow their community to help and connect those diagnosed with HIV.

Career Highlights


During Douglas' time at Boeing Defence UK he created the mission planning and remote apps (C# and Java Android) for the UK Army R-Gator field trials.


It's moved on, but Douglas contributed a lot to the Dstl CBRN capabilities while he was there. Mostly in C++ and Java

Oblong Technologies

Made famous by the Minority Report, Oblong Industries' technology came to the UK where Douglas utilised it for logistics analysis and management for the MoD.


Douglas designed and created a distributed cyber and open data analysis and visualisation system for Boeing.


Still in operations today, Douglas was instrumental in the creation and delivery of the Bowman Comms management and planning system in MFC and C++.

General Dynamics

Having worked closely with General Dynamics while at BAE Systems, Douglas spent some productive time helping them with the communications integration infrastructure.