Darker Waters have extensive education and experience in writing software. Douglas (our CEO) in particular has been doing it long enough that new languages and new technologies are no barrier to development. However, in the idea of transparency, here are the major languages and technologies we feel confident about delivering from previous experience.

Flutter + Dart

It didn't take long to pick up Flutter and Dart, they being so similar to other tech we have used in the past. However, it's approaching four years now and the language and framework remain a firm favourite.


Both in Android and in straight programming, our Java experience is extensive. Should you require Java code there would be no problem. 

C# and C++

Douglas has been writing software in C and C++ since his university days and has kept this up working in IoT and even Monkey C and Objective C. Our contact with C# is somewhat dated but wouldn't take long to refresh.

Javascript and Typescript

There are few applications running today that don't have some javascript embedded. Our in-house backend is entirely Typescript and we maintain expertise to match. Our preference is Typescript - we like the added reassurance.

Vue / React / Angular /Node.js

Our knowledge and experience of web frameworks is enough for us to get the job done but, honestly, if you are looking for web-apps, we would probably need to brush up first.

The Rest

Python, Clojure, ADA, PHP, Pop11, Fortran, MFC, Delphi.

Througout our careers we have used many languages and even more frameworks and technologies. There's little barrier to learning another.